About Us

All About HealthCARE Advocates is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Florida. All About HealthCARE Advocates is a health care advocacy firm that is committed to the CARE of patients, their education and enlightenment. CARE is the core competency of the organization and is clearly differentiated.

All About HealthCARE Advocates was founded by L.J. Holloway. Unable to walk or talk and disgusted with the lack of care received by many while in the hospital, All About HealthCARE Advocates was born. The name was an immaculate conception that married a law degree (Advocate) and the words ‘premature death” (HealthCARE).

As a believer and avid supporter of education, the founder knows and understands that many of the disparities and deaths that occur in healthcare are based upon the system and lack of patient education. Holloway is a highly sought after Speaker and is the Author of the book, “What to Do when Life hands you a Devastating Diagnosis”. Proceeds from the book are awarded in scholarship to students who major in the disciplines of Health or Science annually, during the Celebration of Life, a benefit hosted by the founder.

To be able to continue our good works, All About HealthCARE Advocates needs the support of our Community.


Your donations help keep our HealthCARE programs going.  Want to know how your contributions can help?

Here are some examples of how All About HealthCARE Advocates can put your tax deductible donation to good work:

  • A $5 donation can buy a monthly pill organizer for a patient
  • A $10 donation can pay for a Volunteer badge
  • A $25 donation offset the cost of an hour of clear and unbiased research
  • A $50 donation will allow  an ADVOCATE to accompany a patient on an appointment or during a hospital stay

Give what you can.  We will share your gifts for the healthcare of others who are in need.  Thank you.

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