Our healthcare advocates are proven professionals well versed in the healthcare industry and can provide an advocate to:

  • Accompany you on an appointment*
  • Assist with claims and billing disputes*
  • Educate on the basics of health care and Medicare*
  • File an appeal, claim or grievance*
  • Refer you to an Elder Care LAW resource*
  • Refer you to a Physician or Provider resource*
  • Provide a list of Patient Rights
  • Provide a checklist when preparing for a hospital stay
  • Provide dietary guidelines
  • Provide legal referrals*
  • Provide medical referrals*
  • Provide research on health and disease prevention*
  • Provide support from a patient perspective (when available)*
  • Research diagnoses*

* subject to fee(s) and service


Platinum Service

(Best Value)

  • 3 accompanied appointments
  • 3 prescription price comparisons
  • 3 accompanied appointments
  • unlimited reminders for appointments

Gold Service includes:

  • an accompanied appointment
  • 3 services per year
  • unlimited reminders for appointments

Silver Service includes:

  • an accompanied appointment
  • 1 consultation per month
  • 3 reminder services

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